The Making of: Yule Ball Dress, The Fabrics

Let’s be honest. The fabric choices someone makes for the yule ball dress can make or break the cosplay. If you don’t have the right type of fabric or the right colour for even one of the panels, everything else will look off. I was lucky. Purely because I was doing the blue version, so I didn’t have to focus on colour matching screenshots. If you also do this cosplay in blue, first, SHOW ME, second, don’t be pressured to match manip or other cosplay colours. Go with what you have and make sure the fabrics match each other. Below are the fabric choices I made and some advice for your own.

Base Fabric

Blue Polyester Bridal Satin, 4m, Fabricland
This basically made up the entire dress. But you can only really see it in the bodice and the front of the skirt.
This fabric was perhaps the least smart decision i made for this cosplay. For one, I had to use the wrong side of the fabric because the right side was too shiny and looked cheap. Two, this wasn’t the best quality material but I couldn’t find any better in the right colour. So it was prone to fraying. A lot. It also showed seams very badly. Luckily matching thread is a blessing. Even though there was a lot of negatives and I don’t see this fabric lasting too long, the colour was spot on.

Ruffle Fabrics 

For the ruffle fabrics make sure you get either chiffon or voile. They are very similar. Except voile is a home decor fabric and comes in crazy widths. So you don’t have to buy as much. If you can find the right colours in voile then go for it. The most important aspects of the ruffle fabric is that it’s a lightweight, see through fabric that flows very well. When you make your circular ruffles it shouldn’t be too dense, rather a slight ruffle to the fabric.

Baby Blue Chiffon, 3m (60″ wide), King Textiles

There was barely enough of this fabric. I am so happy it worked out. Anyway, the lightest chiffon makes up the top 3 layers of the dress and two sleeves. So get more than 3m. XD. It was important to me to get a very light, almost white blue so that I didn’t have to choose very dark colours to match the rest.

Medium Blue Chiffon, 3m (45″), Queen Textiles 

This fabric made up 2 ruffles of the skirt. I made a third but ended up not using it. It’s important to have this shade of blue be in the same colour temperature as the first. Aka, don’t try and match pastels and jewels.

Royal Blue Chiffon,2m (60″), Queen Textiles

This fabric made up the last 2 ruffles of the skirt and the bow. I wish I got a tad bit more of this fabric as I had a hard time fitting the ruffles and had to use scraps for the bow.

The most important part of buying fabric for the yule ball dress whether blue or pink, is to make sure all the colours blend. Get fabrics within the same family. Get fabrics that are only  a couple shades darker than the one previous. Finally, choose one fabric and match the rest to that one colour. Always shop in good lighting and bring fabric samples. Trust me. XP. 


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