The Making Of: Yule Ball Skirt pt.2

Hello All 🙂

So this is the final post on making the skirt. It’s taken me a while to get it to you because I haven’t had a laptop. But things should now be running smoothly on my blog. Thank Aule!  In this post we’ll focus on taking the mockup ruffles and skirt pattern and turning it into the real thing.

Cutting the Base Fabric

For the skirt pieces, I folded the blue satin fabric and cut two of each pattern piece. It’s important to use tissue paper when cutting satin so it doesn’t slip around. In total I had 14 pattern pieces for the skirt.

DSC_1367 DSC_1351

Cutting the Chiffon Ruffles

For the circle ruffles, each one had to be individually pattern drafted on the actual fabric. I pinned the fabric to my carpeted floor. Using the technique to generate the measurements from the last blog post, I drew two circles. One for the ruffle and one that was to be cut out. I cut out each ruffle. Immediately after cutting out each ruffle, I did I running stitch across the top. This is to make sure the circle ruffles don’t stretch along the bias and lose their shape. (aka pretty important)

circle ruffle DSC_1363

Sewing Base Panels Together

Each panel of the skirt was done in two. So I had to sew the pieces together at the side seams. I used a french seam to tuck all the raw edges in. You should now have 7 fully constructed panels.

Sewing Ruffle and Base Panels Together 

Each ruffle was between two layers of base fabric. I pinned the fabric onto the base fabric where I marked each ruffle would begin. Then I sandwiched all the layers together to be sewed. Pretty simple, but it was time consuming when you got to the wider layer. I sewed each layer carefully with half an inch seam allowance and the skirt was practically done.


Hemming Ruffles

Each ruffle got hemmed by hand. If you can get your hands on a serger and aren’t intimidated by it like me, then use that. Otherwise, put away at least four days to hem. at least. I wouldn’t suggest doing this hem on your basic sewing machine because rolled hems on chiffon tend to look wonky or too thick. The ruffles need to be as graceful and flow-y as possible for this dress.  I used a certain method that looked exactly like a rolled hem. Basically, you fold the fabric over a little, sew in between the layers in a certain way, then you pull on the thread and the hem rolls up.

I used this YouTube video to learn the technique:

Hemming Skirt 

The skirt was done with a wide hem because I had so much fabric on the bottom. I wanted the option in the future to wear heels when I wasn’t at the con. Be free to make the hem as imperfect as you like as people probably won’t see it through the last layer of chiffon.

And you’re done!

That’s all you should need to do for the skirt.


next part is the bodice, which took me some time and trial and error. Looking forward to trying to break it down into easily understood parts. ;P

Thanks for reading! Send any questions my way!


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