Hermione Granger

I knew I would one day have to do this dress. Though i always believed that it would be done in pink.

For those who don’t know, Hermione Granger dress robes for the Yule Ball in the book are blue, in the movie pink.

It wasn’t until my friend Becky came up with the idea to do it in blue that I really became motivated in this cosplay. I, like nearly everyone else has always wanted to see this dress in blue and not too many people have done it before. Like Becky says, “If it’s not on google, it doesn’t exist”. So I knew I had to give it a go.

This cosplay was drafted casually in 2 weeks. Then I realized the time crunch and it was sew really quickly in 2 weeks, working nearly 8 hour days. It’s made from 4 m of blue bridal satin and 7 yards of chiffon.

I wore it to Fan Expo Canada 2015.

I wrote all te ups and downs of the costume below.


The Bodice Construction

The Skirt Base and Ruffle Drafting

The Skirt Construction pt.1 and pt.2

Finishing Touches

Photo Shoot


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